How long will it take to hear back from Stix Staffing?

Stix Staffing will be online to view your correspondence via website or email during typical working hours Monday through Friday each week. Please allow 2 business days for a response from us, but response might be sooner.

How do I know if I’m accepted or denied for the position I applied to?

Once the application process begins between employee and client via Stix Staffing’s website, you will be informed instantly via website when the client responds with their update to our website with your status. The client status responses that we expect are “denied”, “interview requested”, “accepted”. These updates will be viewable by you and Stix Staffing’s Admin exclusively. You will have the opportunity to view all updates regarding your status within your registered personal page using your ID and password. Both client and employee will receive email responses when there is activity regarding your post.

If I have questions, how do contact you?

Stix Staffing’s addresses, phone number and email addresses are listed on our website under “Contact”. We will respond to you as soon as possible and no longer than 2 business days.

What happens if I’m terminated or my temporary position time has completed?

Once your temporary position/assignment time has complete via contract time complete or termination, please contact Stix Staffing so they can complete the necessary paperwork associated with this action. Stix Staffing has policies in place to reward achievements and also to address grievances. Begin viewing our website for new jobs posted if you are interested in starting a new temporary assignment.

What happens if I don’t like the position I’ve accepted?

Please notify Stix Staffing via email if you have any issues regarding your assignment so our staff can appropriately address your concerns. (

How do I know when my resume has been sent to the post I requested?

You will be notified at each employment juncture via email to the email address you’ve provided when you registered online at Your online account will also be updated with any new job related information. Stix Staffing is doing everything possible to ensure you are aware of all steps taken on your behalf toward finding your temporary assignment.

What is your notification process through posting and applying for jobs?

Stix Staffing will notify you via email and your Stix Staffing registered account will be updated with all new information regarding your employment process.

Are my taxes automatically taken out of my checks with Stix Staffing?

Payroll accounting at Stix Staffing Inc. will provide and perform all of the state and federal requirements regarding Stix Staffing payroll with each paycheck following the deduction guidelines you provide when you complete the necessary new employee forms with Stix Staffing Inc. at the time you sign up as an employee of Stix Staffing Inc.

Does Stix Staffing offer medical benefits?

Stix Staffing is a growing company and is planning to add medical benefits to our employee package in the near future. These benefits are not available at this time.

Does Stix Staffing offer profit sharing?

Stix Staffing will be adding profit sharing to our employee packages in the near future, but this is not available at this time.