Karen Patterson, Stix Staffing’s CEO recently retired after ~20 years as a physical designer and project leader at Intel Corporation. She was a part of project and resource management for the last 12 years providing communication at the project staff level to enable critical information to schedule projects from start to finish, resource the physical design team, predict project completion dates, and schedule automation software needed at specific milestone dates.


Karen, partnered with a hiring team at Intel Corp. to review candidate resumes, interview and to finally choose both permanent and temporary employees for Intel. This was just the beginning. Once these new employees were joined to the team, she took the responsibilities of placing them where they fit best in the project, set and scheduled their assignments and followed up to make sure all questions and concerns were addressed quickly to keep the team happily and diligently working toward to final milestone dates on project schedule. These skills are an integral part to staffing a project for quality, meeting schedules and creating a team that executes well together. These are the very skills she takes into her current Stix Staffing CEO leadership role enabling her to deliver the perfect fit employee for our Clients and the perfect fit Client to suit the requests of our employees for temporary assignments. Project management is her expertise which is a focus as CEO as well as growing a client/temporary worker relationship with several companies and employees across the United States and expanding throughout the world!


Jamie Puebla, Stix Staffing’s CFO started her career in the temp agency industry which was much of the inspiration to create this staffing company. Her experience with temporary agencies gave her a large perspective of the diverse world of employment possibilities that only this type of enterprise can offer. She was given opportunities to work for A+ clients on a short-term basis giving her a larger vision of the different careers that could be hers. The confidence and expertise that was offered to Jamie through experience is shared with each and every person that walks through our doors. She not only gained a plethora of work experiences, but she also understands and treats others in this arena with the respect, dignity and consideration that is due each and every person. Jamie earned her degree in accounting and is an expert in keeping accurate and concise records. She was in the top 3% of one of the world’s fastest growing companies. Her recruitment, training and team building skills were instrumental in taking her to the top. She brings this perfect backdrop of skills to our growing company, which has and will continue to move us forward in a positive direction.


With these previous life skills, Karen and Jamie partnered to create Stix Staffing, Inc., a temporary employment agency. This new business is nearing our opening which is on schedule for April of 2017. We’re passionate about finding quality temporary employees to complete our clients’ team while taking a modern approach to staffing agencies in streamlining the process to make it easy for both the temporary employee and the client. Our state of the art website makes posting jobs as well as applying for them effortless, www.StixStaffing.com. As a potential client, your jobs are posted directly to our website for our eager employees to view. Employees’ resumes are sent directly to the hiring contact for the positions applied to as well as to HR at Stix Staffing, Inc. to help ensure that it is given the attention it deserves. We have implemented an automated interview and hiring process right through the personal accounts with us on our website. We give the hiring manager the ability to not only schedule interviews directly with the future temporary employee, but also to send feedback after the interview to the candidate and to us here at Stix Staffing, Inc. The temporary employee is given the freedom to do everything from accepting interviews to accepting assignments. Stix Staffing, Inc. office is located in Ione, California. At Stix Staffing, our primary business purpose is to place quality people with talent, knowledge and expertise that are the efficient customized solution to achieve our client’s business goals.


Stix Staffing is a diverse company directed by Karen and Jamie who are ready to work with all those who desire temporary work or have temporary positions within the scope of high-tech, office personnel, construction work, heavy equipment, iron workers, food servers, retail sales and others to help boost the economy within our United States of America.